Whenever I hear someone refer to the President of the United States as “The Leader Of The Free World“…

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Compliments of my friend, Josh.

Compliments of my friend, Josh.

A great start for donations and getting involved.

Please take the time to watch this and share it with as many people as possible. Then, if you feel so compelled, get active.

"The End of Poverty", a film.

I just got back from a documentary that was shown at Dutchess called “The End to Poverty” which was followed by a Q&A with the co-producer, Matthew Stillman; who, I might add, is a phenomenal guy all around. 

The film presented a lot of ideas and statistics about global poverty that are so unknown to most people that they seem almost unreal. 

Here are a few:

  • 24,000 people die everyday from the effects of poverty.
  • Less than 5% of the world population lives in the U.S. yet they hold 25% of the world’s resources and contribute 30% of the global pollution.
  • 60-80 Million people still live in slave like conditions today.
  • In Venezuela, the top 1% of the population make 400 times more than the bottom 1%.
  • The world’s richest 1% owns 32% of the world’s wealth.
  • Almost 1/3 of the world’s population lives without clean water.
  • Since 1970, the people who have died of malnutrition has gone from roughly 425 million to 864 million.
  • To cut global poverty in half would cost $20 million, while the cost to maintain the U.S. military costs $500 million.
  • 25% of the world’s population owns 80% of its wealth and resources, and contribute to 70% of its pollution.

If these facts do not astound you, you should be ashamed. The reason this film is so revolutionary is not because this is a new problem. Global poverty has been devastatingly morose since colonization began by the Europeans. 

The film asserts that the roots of global poverty lay in the evils of the colonization of the “south”; the regions of the world below the equator, particularly Africa and South and Central America. 

When these places were colonized by the imperialist European nations (before America’s conception) the colonizers took the land and resources and gave the indigenous three options; join us, move, or die. More often than not though, the natives were brought into slavery to work their own ancestral lands for the gain of the European conquerors. 

After each of these nations was slowly liberated, they were conceived with a debt to their mother country which was given unrealistic interest rates which they are paying off to this day. One country’s interest was for every 1 dollar they made, they owed 13. 

This strategy is used by capitalists of rich countries to keep third world countries in their place because they are the suppliers of the natural resources which the capitalists need. As long as they remain in control of these areas, they can set their own prices on resources. They do this by bullying other governments or establishing their own government that they know will cooperate (both of these America is known the best for doing).  

I highly recommend this film to EVERYONE. Please watch it and share it with your friends. The reason nothing is being done about this injustice is because no one knows it is happening, or at least not on a realistic scale. 

If you want to help, the best thing you can do is just start doing something. Start a fund raiser, join a club, START a club. Raise awareness. I will post links for the video which is available on Hulu, a link for Heifer International a great donation place, and the website for the movie where you can get more info. 

What am I?

So, I guess a fact that would be beneficial to first establish would be what exactly I am. By that I mean, there are tons of kinds of anarchists that all believe the world should operate in a very different way. Some believe it should be individualistic, or operate under small tribes. Some believe that capitalism and a social hierarchy can still exist. So where do I stand?

I subscribe to a concept with many names. Most often called “communist anarchism” or “syndicalist anarchism”, it is really a form of total classless, raceless, stateless, equality. Throughout human history, society has depended upon a ruling class (bourgeois) and a working class (proletariat). The details of this history can be found at length in many volumes of revolutionary literature, for instance the first chapter of theCommunist Manifesto by Karl Marx - who was in fact a socialist, not a communist.

But “communism” is a word that comes with many many negative connotations so most members of this field of thought prefer the term “collectivism”. Regardless of its name, it is a state of complete and total equality among humans. Its premise is found in the study’s of zoology and biology, where it has been found that a species is more likely so succeed through the efforts of mutual aid. Anyone who has ever watched any kind of animals knows that they are all equal and treat each other as such. This concept is very well explained by Peter Kropotkin in the first two chapters of his scientific attempt, Mutual Aid; a factor of evolution. In this, he explains the hunting, migrating, constructing, and entertaining habits of myriad creatures through collective efforts.

Anarchism is also a bit difficult to explain in a world that so readily rejects it. To those who even give it the slightest consideration, upon first glance, it seems to be much too fantastical and impossible. It, too, has many incorrect connotations such as the idea that anarchism equals chaos and violence. It would be absolutely impossible for me to disprove this in one single blog post, but I will say this: The entire animal kingdom lives without an enforced social structure by which one certain group dominates another - be it within a species or throughout - and it has done so for millions upon millions of years.

So, essentially, I believe in a truly equal society in which everyone pulls equal weight by their own will. This is difficult to understand for most people and it leads to another concept that will take me time to explain. NO anarchist, myself included, wants this kind of change to happen over night. The fight for anarchism has been occurring ever since man first established a government and left its natural state, and it will continue to occur until the peoples’ world view is changed. Until we can raise our children to not know the difference between a white man and a black one, or hold a value in one life path over another, tyranny and oppression will continue to hinder human growth.

On this blog, I will make attempts to generally explain this concept of the evolution of thought and total equality. I will also post real world news and my personal take on it from my perspective. I will also talk a lot about the books I read that bring me to my conclusions. As always, I am open to intelligent discussion. I’m not out to start a revolution, only to contribute to the one that is already going on in the minds of the people.


Welcome to the Anarchist Review! This is my personal blog, the sole purpose of which is to display my political views in a public format.

Politics, in its modern understanding, is the way we, as humans, behave and interact on an economic and governmental level. I believe that an open discussion of the practices therein is the only way to progress in the development of said system. It was proposed by the great writer, Daniel Quinn, that humans’ removal from their susceptibility to change will be their ultimate demise. Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest”, albeit drastically misunderstood, revolves around this same concept, where the survival of a species relies solely upon its ability to adapt to change.

Many of the ideas I will pose here will challenge the modern norms and mores of society, but I ask you to consider them with an open mind. You will be forced to ask yourself why you may so readily reject the ideas; do you actually know them to be wrong from first hand or have you just been told they were wrong by something, someone, somewhere that you cannot remember?

Regardless, I ask my readers only to consider my ideas with a true scientific mind and heart and to actually give them some sincere thought. And if then, you still find them to be outrageous or outlandish, I will not be offended if you close your browser right there. But if you find that there may be some truth to what I say, or find an interest in participating in the development of the human condition, I ask you to, please, by all means, contribute.

I am open to all opinions, well formed and substantiated with fact. I do not believe I hold the answer(s) and I certainly have not read every book, article, or pamphlet out there on other opinions, so I welcome civil argument from all sides.